The UtePod can be used as a Delivery Vehicle, Emergency Vehicle, Camper or a storage unit  just to name a few. It can be
left at the job site & can be fitted out to your custom requirements being either fixed or removable. The UtePod  can reduce
the need for a second vehicle  and  has custom  internal modular interchangeable components  which are easily removable
without  the need for any tools. Dust and water resistant, Fully Secure and Lockable the UtePod is manufactured from  high
grade  aluminum  and  stainless steel  with rugged Australian conditions in mind.  See our Specs page for more information
about  the  currently  available  options or give us  a  ring today on  
"0356640056"  to  discuss  your  custom  requirements.  
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UtePod Canopies
Fixed & Removable